I have been traveling all of my life, ever since I was a kid! I have always enjoyed going to the airport and watching planes take off, the entire experience from check in on your departing airport until you land on a different city; I have always been intrigued about flying!

However, until recently, I always had to do lines everywhere I went! I had to wait to check in, pray my bag was not overweight, only travel with 1 bag (otherwise it would cost more), do the line for security, wait by the boarding area without eating or drinking (airport food and drinks are so expensive), wait in line for my boarding zone to be called, seat on a cramped seat with no window and eat terrible plane food!

Sounds like you? Well I was at that stage until I realized something had to change. I always saw business people not doing lines and traveling in comfort, and I wanted to be just like that! I discovered the power of Frequent Flyer miles and credit cards and how if used wisely, you can have a constantly travel in First or Business class by not paying a dime (well just taxes)!

Ever since I spent years researching, I mostly travel First or Business class, I have access to lounges, I check in at the Priority counters, get escorted to planes and have even had a Porsche waiting for me to transfer me from one plane to the other!

Now, there are endless websites to show you how to do this, they go into every aspect of everything! However, it is a very cumbersome process to understand. Therefore, I have narrowed down this process into very easy and practical examples on how to travel for free!

I have flown in First Class internationally on many planes, taking showers in the sky, stayed in Suites costing over $5,000 a night and flights over $24,000 for only $50! I will show you how you can do this as well!

Follow me along this new journey!

-Mr. Blue

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